International Friendships, or IFI, has been operating in the Columbus area for over 40 years. The organization began right here at Ohio state and has expanded throughout the country and to Canada. IFI strives to make international students and college faculty feel welcome in the United States and share the gospel with them. 

The main ministry of IFI is providing hospitality and small group Bible discussions for International students, professors, and their families. For some, this is the first time that they have ever heard about the Christian faith and the Jesus that we follow. The organization also matches the students with host homes to live with until their apartments are ready, and connect them with resources such as cell phones, banks, or serve as conversation partners to improve their English.

Volunteers from Vertical Church can serve as mentors, leading small group Bible discussions, or assisting with any of the events that IFI hosts throughout the school year. If you are a person who loves getting to know other’s stories or you’re interested in sharing the gospel in an international context, this could be a great outreach opportunity for you! This would be a chance to practice your cultural awareness and influence the next generation of believers in other countries!

Click here to learn more about what IFI does at Ohio State

To get involved, send an email to Mark Sulc or Sally Sulc.

IFI Mission:

To extend life-changing hospitality and friendship to international students out of reverence for Jesus