Matt Townsend - October 25, 2015

Declare War on Worldliness

Text: 1 John 2:15-17 Bottom Line: Declare war on the love God hates! I) The command: Do not love the world Love: Hate the love that elevates creation above Creator, gift above Giver and temporal above Eternal II) The warning: Do not be seduced by this world Lie of our flesh: Temporal fulfillment of bodily cravings will lead to soul-satisfaction Lie of our eyes: Attainment of temporal things I don’t have will satisfy my soul Lie of our possessions: I don’t really need God because I have everything I need III) The incentive: Why we should not love the world Spiritual adultery It’s all firewood Eternity is at stake Now what: Thankfulness cuts the root of covetousness God gives kingdoms to spiritual beggars Vertical worship overwhelms horizontal desire Salvation in Christ is the only way to truly win the war on worldliness

From Series: "Standalone"

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