Luke Ahrens - March 13, 2021

What Sends Heaven into Celebration!

What Sends Heaven into Celebration!

Series: Lost. Found. Rejoice! Title: What Sends Heaven into Celebration! Text: Luke 15:8-10 God’s Heart for Lost Sinners is marked by Concern, Urgency, and Outrageous Celebration. Do you live an “as it is in Heaven” lifestyle? Church Culture matters! Let’s become a church that is... A safe place for Seekers to listen in and ask questions. A welcoming place for Repenters to find hope, peace, and freedom in Christ. A place filled with Searchers who intentionally pray for and seek out the Lost. A place with Rejoicers who celebrate when the Lost are it is in Heaven. A place that calls Grumblers and Unconcerned to repent and return to the Heart of God.

From Series: "Lost. Found. Rejoice!"

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