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Prayer Wall

Welcome to the Vertical Church Prayer Wall

This is a place to share prayer requests with the church body. Click the button below to have prayer requests posted to the wall for the church to pray for and encourage you.

Dennis M.

February 26, 2024

Prayer for our daughter Kendra Morrow
She was admitted to the James last night.
They did some test today they said she may have has a heart attack and they found her heart was working at only 30%.
She is going to have a heart catheter check tomorrow
Pray for her the Dr and her family

Kathryn S

February 22, 2024

Text from SIL, Barb:
I came in a little later today and didn't call because I really didn't want to know. He was not great. Stubborn and uncooperative this morning. Wouldn't take medicine. Won't let them change him. Sitting quietly in the common area in his pajamas and about to fall asleep. He didn't want breakfast but they left it and he ate it all. I was here for a while and they asked him again if they could change him and I said yes. He did it and just finished eating lunch.
A little more cooperative this afternoon.
He comes home tomorrow. (praying)

Kathryn S.

February 20, 2024

Update on Jerry (brother by my SIL):
They called from the home at 5:30 to say Jerry fell but wasn't hurt. But they needed a sitter or someone to be with him all the time because he won't stay in his bed and sleep. So I came out. Talked to the day nurse to see if they could give him something to help him sleep. I told her I have to sleep sometime. Not sure what we can do. The plan is to release him on Friday and send him home and have home health care, PT and OT. Barb

Kathryn S.

February 17, 2024

My Brother, Jerry was having somewhat of a bad day yesterday and is now moved from the hospital to a rehab facility. I gather that C.diff is very hard to get under control as their son had it twice and one time took a month to get him under control and he is in his 50's and paraplegic since birth. Jerry is 84 so his life is on a very slim opening. Pray he survives this. Thank you all for all the recent prayers! Kay

Kathryn S

February 9, 2024

My Brother, Jerry had been refusing to take any of his medication after his last hospital visit and had to be bribed to take it and eat breakfast which he eventually gobbled it up. He hadn't eaten anything yesterday and refused to eat till today. Right now he is forbidden to do any walking as his legs are still to wobbly. Because of the C.diff problem it will be a long time before he is able to have any bms. Because he wasn't taking his medication he still has a fever. Having Alzheimer's may get worst. Pray it doesn't. Pray God will produce new healthy brain cells for him. Update: he is 84 years old and a very fightsy half Macedonian/half German man. Very hard=headed. Thanks, Kay

Kathryn S

February 8, 2024

Barb let me know Jerry is back in the hospital and the 2 antibiotics he was taking were killing all his good and bad bacteria causing c. diff.
He got admitted into the hospital early this morning as he was running a fever and could not stand up so she called 911. Turns out he has c. diff. Because it created a very serious case of nasty diarrhea and it is very contagious. He is very weak.
Pray for his health so that he gets the bacteria (good and bad) back.
I would love to keep my Brother around longer on this earth as he is my last living immediate family left.

Nathalia L

February 4, 2024

I just want say thank you for all prayers. My green card and work permit was approved. Praise God! And thank you all the support and prayers. God bless you all.

Kathryn S

February 1, 2024

I have already gotten great prayer responses from everyone and my blood pressure stayed normal after the tooth was removed in 5 seconds' time. Dr. Fred Bourgeois is a wonderful dentist and very slick in removing teeth. Anyway, I am pray for myself for the after affects of the surgery as in general discomfort (not really pain) which is right now ongoing. Pray it goes away soon. Thank you! Kay

Kathryn S

January 29, 2024

I am experiencing problems with my blood pressure issues. I go in on Thursday to have a bad tooth extracted out. That may attribute to my high bp issues (?). I did injured about 3 times my right wrist in last 2 years and seems to have broken blood vessels in 2 places (all healed over) and still doesn't feel right. Pray for healing! Thank you ahead! Kay

Kathryn S

January 26, 2024

This was yesterday I got this: I am showing the whole message from my SIL, Barb Schroy about my brother, Jerry Schroy who has Alzheimer's:

Sorry, I saw this earlier but planned on calling after dinner instead of texting. And I forgot. I was playing games with Jerry. And then it was too late. Jerry went into the hospital Sunday afternoon. He fell asleep at the table after lunch which isn't unusual. But then he was acting weird. Long story. Do I call 911 and they took him to hospital suspecting possible stroke. But did CT scan, MRI, EEG. No stroke. Everything is normal except for signs of Alzheimer's in brain which we already knew. He snapped out of his stupor in ER but they kept him overnight to run some of the avove tests. All they found was a small spot of what is either pneumonia or aspirated food in his lung. They have him on 2 antibiotics but he really shows no sign of pneumonia. Breathing is normal and no cough. He came home Monday afternoon. I spent the night with him as I knew he would be confused and he was. But he is his “abnormal” self now. We will look forward to the letter. Thanks. By the way, he went to eye doctor today and she said his eyesight was that of someone 10 years younger then him. So something is working well. (thumbs up)

Mable W

January 25, 2024

Update my cousin Debbie has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer starts chemo a week from Wednesday. Pray her body would respond and she is healed. Thanks

Tonya S

January 23, 2024

I am requesting prayer for me and my grandchildren.

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