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Prayer Wall

Welcome to the Vertical Church Prayer Wall

This is a place to share prayer requests with the church body. Click the button below to have prayer requests posted to the wall for the church to pray for and encourage you.

Sherry B.

September 14, 2023

Please pray for healing for Jean Burnside, one of our small group members.
She was taken to the hospital Sunday night (9/10) with heart failure and A-Fib. She just got home Thursday night.
Pray for healing, peace, and wisdom for next course of action.
In the midst of this, family relationships being healed. She was so blessed she said she shared the Gospel with everyone she met! How great is our God.

Susie R.

September 11, 2023

Please pray for my youngest cousin, Ron, who entered hospice treatment today. They are asking for prayers that his pain is controlled and that he is at peace. Prayers also requested for his wife, children and grandchildren, and three sisters as they navigate this time.

Rick H.

September 3, 2023

Please continue to pray for Mike D. He said today "Im doing okay all things considered. Surgery went well. Removed a softball sized mass along with the spleen, several lymphnodes and part of the liver."
Please pray that God grants Mike a speedy and thorough recovery. Pray that the cancer is removed completely and that he can return to a normal life soon.

Kathryn S.

August 28, 2023

My Sister-In-Law, Barb sent me this:
David is a paraplegic so has no way to drive to work as his van is in the shop and Barb has been driving him to work and back home. Barb fell out of bed and broke several ribs on Wednesday.
Pray big time to help all of them through it.

Rick H.

August 28, 2023

Mike, a good friend, and our HVAC Technician at VCC, has stomach cancer. Surgery is scheduled for Thursday 8/31/23 at Riverside Hospital. Doctors are unsure if the cancer is exclusively in the stomach and may have invaded the pancreas, spleen and or kidneys.
Please pray for the surgeon to have the wisdom and a steady hand to perform the surgery quickly and thoroughly. Pray that the cancer has not sitar and God gives Mike the strength to recover completely without complications.
Also pray that Mike's wife and daughters minds are eased in knowing that God is in control.

Mary W

August 20, 2023

Please pray for Nancy Thomas and her family with the home going of her husband Chuck on Friday morning. She has a lot on her plate with the funeral, family coming in, school starting and all that comes with the loss of a spouse. Prayers and support are appreciated.

Susie R

August 20, 2023

Please continue to pray for my sister-in-law, Lynne. She had the (many) pre-cancerous areas removed from her tongue and is in her second week of recovery. She is suffering with the pain and general discomfort, on top of not being able to speak or eat solid foods. The doctor says this will continue on for several weeks.


July 31, 2023

Update, Stephanie just texted me:
Rick found another grant company today and they accepted. He will get his chemo pills tomorrow!! Hallelujah!!! Thank you for your prayers! Kay


July 31, 2023

Prayer for Rick and Stephanie:
After 2 months of blood in the urine it appears to clear up on its own. The scope and ultrasound shows no problems. The doctor said sometimes the blood vessel breaks and heals on its own. Rick's medication (Revlimid-chemo pill) to fight his cancer he has is in jeopardy since the grant for this med ran out and there is no money for this super expensive med. It was supposed to expire in December. The James Center is begging for emergency grant money. We are going on a road trip for our anniversary. Just going an hour away so Rick does not have to worry about driving and close to home if anything happens to us. Thank you! Kay

Cindy F.

July 31, 2023

Praises to God our Emily made the worship team and the feds have gotten our stolen money back! Thank you Lord for your awesome power!!

Rick H.

July 24, 2023

Our daughter, Katie, was in a bad traffic accident with both boys, John David and Charlie, this morning. Everyone, including the other driver is OK, thank God!
Her car is totaled and her fiancés truck was repossessed last night. Prayers are very much needed. Leads on a used car for Katie would be greatly appreciated too.


July 21, 2023

Praise for all that God has done in and through Rick and Steph. Prayer that God's work will continue to bless them, and that Steph's migraines will not continue.

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