The Refuge is a no-cost Christian ministry that assists men and women who are struggling through addiction. Vertical Church has partnered particularly with the women’s residential program, which is 12 months long and comprised of 4 phases with the ultimate goal of freeing women from bondage to addiction, trafficking, abuse, and hopelessness. Each women in the residential program participates in bible study and will eventually attend a local church.  The center of the program is the gospel and finding hope through Christ thereby changing individual lives as well as the lives of their families, churches, communities, and ultimately the city.

Women from Vertical Church can be involved in relational ministry with the women who live at the residential program, providing support, mentoring, and gospel encouragement. To get involved, all women must participate in a training course, but after that, you can set your time commitment based on if you would like to volunteer weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Men and small groups can also be involved by serving the maintenance needs of the buildings, providing transportation to various appointments, and running leisure activities at the group house.

This opportunity is great for people who have a desire to personally disciple people who are seeking the shelter of Christ in a difficult time and especially for those willing to put in regular time in building relationships that further the gospel. To get more information about what The Refuge does, you can visit their website. To get involved or get more information about Vertical Church’s work with this ministry, you can contact Megan Winkler or Jensine Ahrens.