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Prayer Wall

Welcome to the Vertical Church Prayer Wall

This is a place to share prayer requests with the church body. Click the button below to have prayer requests posted to the wall for the church to pray for and encourage you.

Revonne Hammond

February 9, 2023

Please pray for my grandson Theo aged 3. He is hospitalized in Japan. They're saying there's a mass on the right side of his brain. The plan is to try to reduce it with steroids. Pray for Shawna, Danny, Theo and baby Isabela. They could be in the hospital for a week or more if they cannot reduce this.

Tina Lephart

January 12, 2023

I have a surgery on Friday January 13. Pray for quick and easy recovery. Pray that my coworker doing my job for a week will do it correctly.

Gloria Jean Burnside

January 11, 2023

My sister for healing & salvation. Marlene is full of anger and strikes out at people. She has a personality disorder as well. Shirley is 88 not sure she is a believer. I have shared many times very clearly. She is in bad shape.

Claire Bauer

January 11, 2023

Pray for delivery of Baby Boy Bauer #3 on Tuesday!

Denwood Knight

January 11, 2023

That Denwood's relationship with Joshua would be impactful for Christ.

Shari Knight

January 11, 2023

That Joshua would see God's purpose for his life and commit to His will.

Mark Winkler

January 11, 2023

That I would be able to schedule a time this week to meet with my neighborhood UPS driver. That I would be sensitive to the spirits leading in sharing the gospel with him. His name is Zach.

Irene Barnett

January 11, 2023

That Savannah our daughter continues to attend & thrive & make connections at this new church.

That her boyfriend, Jeremiah, will feel the tug of God to get to know Christ and to attend church with her.

Praise God for everything.

Caryl Wodicka

January 9, 2023

My Crohn's is active again and I see a surgeon Wednesday.

Revonne H

December 16, 2022

Pray for Shawna's labor to progress smoothly and safely. She's been in hospital 3days now and labor keeps stalling. She's feeling very frustrated and disappointed.

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